Semester 2 & 3 – UAB / UB

Physiology and Health at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Universitat de Barcelona (UAB/UB), Spain.

The path focuses on giving students the opportunity to acquire knowledge on the physiological mechanisms involved in the overall health of fish and shellfish. Within this, the following aspects will be considered: harmonious growth and balanced nutrition; the generation of the stress response and stress prevention methodologies; the innate and adaptive mechanisms of immune defences; the regulatory systems involved; knowledge of infections; pathological signs; and the patho-physiological response.

Semester 2
Internship comprehensive project22.5
Fish Health Laboratory course2
Fish Laboratory course2
Basic marine aquaculture facility management2
Semester 3
AquaHealth Club7.5
Production and health management in aquaculture facilities8
Stress, pathology, immune response, and environmental health8
Physiology of aquaculture species8