AquaH, the International Master of Science in Health Management in Aquaculture, is a programme that focuses on developing innovative and sustainable solutions within the field of health management of farmed aquatic animals

Part of the prestigious ERASMUS Mundus Master programmes

Bringing together a consortium of 4 leading European centres of excellence in the field of aquaculture

Training experts in aquaculture health,  sustainability pioneers, entrepreneurs and innovators of the future

AquaH, the International Master of Science in Health Management in Aquaculture,  is a 2-year master programme that studies the interaction between the health of aquaculture species and their environment. The programme contributes to the sustainable supply of healthy and tasty seafood by training experts that are able to develop innovative solutions to current and future health and disease problems in the aquaculture industry.

Bringing together an expert consortium of academia and industry

The AquaH programme combines 4 of Europe’s leading institutes in aquaculture with industry expertise to provide students with an opportunity to become entrepreneurial pioneers and address the challenges of increased global demand on fish stocks.

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The programme consists of three principal studies and training within the field of aquaculture:

  • Comprehensive training in all health aspects in the farming of aquatic animals
  • In-depth theoretical and hands-on training in the latest techniques of aquaculture health and disease management
  • Training in problem-solving and development of innovative solutions for the sustainable development of the aquaculture industry


Become an aquaculture health management innovator
and answer the challenges of global food demand and overfishing