Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a series of the most frequently asked questions by students enquiring about studying on the AquaH programme. Please contact our team for any other enquiries that are not covered here.

Where will I live?
All programme partners provide adequate student housing on or in the vicinity of their campus.
Can I work during my studies?
The AquaH programme is highly intensive, therefore it is unlikely that you will be able to comfortably work at a regular job during your time of study. If you would like more information on the expected living costs of studying on the programme, please visit our Fees/Costs and Scholarships Page.
What is the duration of the masters programme?
The programme starts in mid-September and runs for 2 years, to be completed in early July or early September in the case of exam resits.
How much money do I need for living expenses?
Living costs can vary dependent on the learning path you choose. Please see our section on estimated living & accommodation expenses on our Fees/Costs & Scholarships Page to find out more.  
What can I do on completion of my studies?
There are a range of career opportunites from studying on the AquaH programme. Please see our Careers Page for more information.
Do I need a visa?
Non-EU citizens will need a student visa. Please see further details here: Visa's for Belgium — Info for prospective students (
What are the academic entry requirements?
Entry requirements for the AquaH programme are quite stringent, please see our Apply Page for further information.

Other questions

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