Participation costs (tuition fees)

EEA* Students non-EEA student
Erasmus Mundus grant holders** 4500 EUR/y  9000 EUR/y
Self-funding participants 4500 EUR/y Year 1: 9000 EUR
Year 2:  9000 EUR (for NTNU and UAB track)
18.000 EUR (for WU track)

*  Programme countries (EEA) are: EU + Republic of North Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Turkey and Serbia.
Partner countries (non-EEA): all others.
For a detailed list of which countries are partner countries for the Erasmus+, please visit the Erasmus Mundus programme website.

** Tuition fee is included in the grant

Estimated living & accommodation expenses

You can assess the cost of living in Ghent or our other European partner institutes on the Numbeo website.
Please note: the figures provided tend to overestimate a student’s true living costs. Our estimates are the following:

  • in Ghent, Belgium: estimated 850€/month (check detailed information here)
  • In Trondheim, Norway: tbc
  • In Wageningen, Netherlands: estimated 950 €/month (check detailed information here)
  • In Barcelona, Spain: estimated 850-950€/month (check detailed information here)


The programme features a limited number of Erasmus Mundus Scholarships. These scholarships cover the tuition fee + a 1000€ monthly allowance + up to 7000€ contribution to be used for travel and installation costs (click here for details on the grant structure). For other questions regarding the EMJM scholarships, check the FAQ’s page.

Application for the scholarship is integrated in the online application process.

For other scholarship opportunities, please check these popular scholarship portals:

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