Joyce Hilario, The Philippines, graduated in 2023

“AquaH allowed me to ascend to a new level in my professional career and broaden my knowledge in the field of aquatic animal health. Being able to access education from the various consortium universities, which provide a cutting-edge research environment and world-class quality education, has undoubtedly made it an experience of a lifetime. Not only did we gain a stronger intellectual foundation and enhance our research skills to address aquaculture and food security problems, but we also made friends, explored new places, and experienced different cultures! Forever grateful to AquaH and Erasmus Mundus!”

Joyce is currently (early 2024) working as a Senior Researcher at the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute in the Philippines

Juan Bosco Ara Díaz, Spain, graduated in 2023

“The International Master of Science in Health Management in Aquaculture (AQUAH) provided me with a fantastic opportunity to learn about innovative solutions in the application of new technologies to aquaculture health management. It also encouraged me to develop critical thinking skills in the field, so that I am prepared to meet the future challenges of this industry. The program allowed me to network and exchange ideas with innovators from different European countries, such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in a career in aquaculture health management. I would also encourage students to be proactive during the program and take full advantage of all the opportunities that it offers.”

Bosco is currently (early 2024) working for BernAqua NV as Quality and Product Registration Officer

Paola Galluzzi Polesi, Brazil, graduated in 2023

“Being part of the Erasmus Mundus Health Management in Aquaculture (AquaH) was a life changing opportunity. The courses provided by Ghent University were essential for creating a good and strong basic knowledge on health in aquaculture and, later, the chance to continue my studies at NTNU (Norway) was fantastic. In Norway, we are in close proximity to many aquaculture companies and the internship, during the second semester of the course, was essential for me to build the connections that allowed me to start a career in the industry right after graduating. I believe that this programme is a must if you wish to pursue a career in health in aquaculture”

Paola is currently (early 2024) working in the R&D department of Biomar and will start an industrial PhD in the fall of 2024


The AquaH programme will prepare you for a range of diverse career options, including:

  • Head of R&D teams in one of the leading aquaculture pharma companies
  • Self-employed consultant in fish disease issues
  • Governmental veterinary officer responsible for farmed fish health and welfare, quarantine regulation, food quality and security control etc.

Become an aquaculture health management innovator
and answer the challenges of global food demand and overfishing