The aquaculture sector has seen a massive increase in production over the past 35 years due to major technological and biotechnological advances. Increased knowledge on the biology, nutritional requirements, environmental conditions, health management, husbandry, domestication, farming technology, and genetic improvement of the cultured species in breeding programmes has been a major driver for increased aquaculture output. The ever-continuing intensification in aquaculture systems, along with an increased production scale has, however, inevitably resulted in the increased occurrence of viral and bacterial disease outbreaks.

This has created a high need for Aquaculture Health Management experts that can answer the growing global demand for individuals that can answer the health challenges in the aquaculture industry and contribute to a growing, innovative sector that is key to the world’s food needs.


The AquaH programme will prepare you for a range of diverse career options, including:

  • Head of R&D teams in one of the leading aquaculture pharma companies
  • Self-employed consultant in fish disease issues
  • Governmental veterinary officer responsible for farmed fish health and welfare, quarantine regulation, food quality and security control etc.

Become an aquaculture health management innovator
and answer the challenges of global food demand and overfishing