Ghent University

Ghent University is one of the major universities in Belgium with over 44,000 students and is ranked among the top-100 universities worldwide. The university provides students with high-quality academic teaching, excellent infrastructure and a wide scope of facilities.

Ghent University is strongly oriented towards international students, who enjoy the beautiful city of Ghent and the numerous social and cultural activities in the lively and creative atmosphere which is so typical of the city.

The Laboratory of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Center (ARC) at UGent has earned worldwide recognition through its ground-breaking research on larviculture and novel microbial management tools. The ARC never ceases to invest in advancing its scientific edge and consolidating research excellence remains the foundation of the research-embedded education that it delivers.

Programme Coordinator for UGent - Annelies Declercq

Annelies Declercq is the Director of the Laboratory of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Centre at UGent. She is specialised in veterinary medicine, fish diseases and aquaculture and is globally known as a leading expert in the following aquaculture research domains:

  • Bacterial fish disease management
  • Aquatic animal welfare
  • Host-microbial interactions

She is the coordinator of the UGent MSc in Aquaculture and plays an active role in several global aquaculture research and education programmes.