Semester 2 & 3 – WU

Disease Prevention Management & Health at Wageningen University (WU), Netherlands.

The path focuses on relevant innovations by studying fish and shellfish nutrition and health. This is mainly in circular aquaculture systems, be it in recirculating aquaculture systems or ponds. Research looks into how nutrition influences health and how novel feeds improve disease resistance; it also considers the latest strategies in terms of activation of the immune system and key therapeutic tools, such as new generation vaccines. 

Semester 2
Nutrition and Health in Aquaculture6
Frontiers in Animal Health6
Academic Consultancy Training and MOS modules12
Optional courses (choose for min 6 ECTS)6
___ Sustainability in Fish and Seafood Production (6 ECTS)
___ Water Quality (6 ECTS)
___ Laboratory Animal Science: Design and Ethics in Animal Experimentation (3 ECTS)
___ Short Research Projects in Biology (6 ECTS)
Semester 3
Internship comprehensive project22.5
AquaHealth Journal club7.5